Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Welcome to Angelwings Antiques

Thank you for checking out my new blogsite. My dream of becoming an antique dealer specializing in antique glass, porcelain, sterling silver and fine Victorian antiques has come to fruition. I couldn't be more excited.

Each week I will try to post a new blog sharing with you some of the unique items that I've collected or that I'm selling with photos to go along with it. Although I'm by no means an "expert", I will also try to share some information and knowledge about the items that I'm writing about. One of the reasons that I love antiques so much, and in particular Victorian antiques, is that many of these items are simply no longer available and served such unique purposes.

I look forward to your feedback on any of the items that I highlight and certainly will not be offended if you correct me because of your expertise on a certain piece.

Angelwings Antiques

Case photo at Tacoma Antique Center - Fife, WA

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